Article 7
Founder Members of the Organization are those countries which
were represented at the First Conference, held in Baghdad, and
which signed the original agreement of the establishment of the
Full Members shall be the Founder Members, as well as those
countries whose application for membership has been accepted
by the Conference.
Any other country with a substantial net export of crude petroleum,
which has fundamentally similar interests to those of Member
Countries, may become a Full Member of the Organization, if
accepted by a majority of three-fourths of Full Members, includ-
ing the concurrent vote of all Founder Members.
A net petroleum-exporting country, which does not qualify for
membership under paragraph C above, may nevertheless be
admitted as anAssociate Member by the Conference under such
special conditions as may be prescribed by the Conference, if
accepted by a majority of three-fourths, including the concurrent
vote of all Founder Members.
No country may be admitted to Associate Membership which
does not fundamentally have interests and aims similar to those
of Member Countries.
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