be responsible for presenting OPEC objectives, decisions and
actions in their true and most desirable perspective;
be responsible for disseminating news of general interest regard-
ing the Organization and the Member Countries on energy and
related matters; and
be responsible for carrying out a central information programme
and identifying suitable areas for the promotion of the Organiza-
tion’s aims and image.
Article 34
The Secretary General shall commission consultants, as neces-
sary, to advise on special matters or to conduct expert studies
when such work cannot be undertaken by the Secretariat.
The Secretary General may engage such specialists or experts,
regardless of nationality, as the Organization needs, for a period
to be approved by the Board of Governors, provided there is a
provision for such appointment in the Budget.
The Secretary General may at any time convene Working Par-
ties to carry out any studies on specific subjects of interest to
the Member Countries.
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