1. conducting a continuous programme of research, fulfilling
the needs of the Organization, placing particular emphasis
on energy and related matters;
2. monitoring, forecasting and analysing developments in the
energy and petrochemical industries, and the evaluation of
hydrocarbons and products and their non-energy uses;
3. analysing economic and financial issues of significant inter-
est, in particular those related to international financial and
monetary matters, and to the international petroleum industry;
4. maintaining and expanding data services to support the
research activities of the Secretariat and those of Member
Countries; and
5. contributing to the coordination of OPEC Member Countries
in international negotiations.
The Division of Support Services shall:
be responsible for all organization methods, the provision of ad-
ministrative services for all meetings, personnel matters, budgets,
accounting and internal control;
study and review general administrative policies and industrial rela-
tionsmethods used in the oil industry inMember and other countries,
and advise Member Countries of any possible improvements;
keep abreast of the current administrative policies and/or policy
changes occurring in the international petroleum industry which
might affect the Organization or be of interest to it;
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