ensure that the functions and duties assigned to the different
departments of the Secretariat are carried out;
prepare reports for submission to each Meeting of the Board of
Governors concerning matters which call for consideration and
inform the Chairman and other Members of the Board of Gover-
nors of all activities of the Secretariat, of all studies undertaken
and of the progress of the implementation of the Resolutions of
the Conference; and
ensure the due performance of the duties which may be as-
signed to the Secretariat by the Conference or the Board of
Article 30
The Directors of Divisions and Heads of Departments shall be
appointed by the Secretary General with the approval of the
Board of Governors.
Officers of the Secretariat, upon nomination by their respective
Government or by direct recruitment, shall be appointed by the
Secretary General in accordance with the Staff Regulations. In
making such appointments, the Secretary General shall give
due consideration, as far as possible, to an equitable nationality
distribution among Members, but such consideration shall not
be allowed to impair the efficiency of the Secretariat.
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