c) 15 years experience, of which at least 10 years should have
been spent in positions directly related to the oil industry,
and five years in highly responsible executive or managerial
positions. Experience in Government-Company relations and
in the international aspects of the oil industry is desirable.
Should, in any case, a unanimous decision not be obtained,
the Secretary General, in that case, shall be appointed on a
rotational basis for a term of two years without prejudice to
the required qualifications.
The Secretary General shall be a national of one of the Member
Countries of the Organization.
The Secretary General shall reside at the Headquarters of the
The Secretary General shall be responsible to the Board of
Governors for all activities of the Secretariat. The functions of
the different departments shall be carried out on his behalf and
under his authority and direction.
The Secretary General shall attend all Meetings of the Board of
Governors. Should the Secretary General be unable to attend
any Meeting of the Board of Governors, the Officer in Charge
of the Secretariat shall attend such Meeting, representing the
Secretary General.
Article 29
The Secretary General shall:
organize and administer the work of the Organization;
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