Article 26
The Secretariat of the Organization shall consist of the Secretary
General and such Staff as may be required. It shall function at the
Headquarters of the Organization.
Article 27
The Secretary General shall be the legally-authorised representa-
tive of the Organization.
The Secretary General shall be the chief officer of the Secretariat,
and, in that capacity, shall have the authority to direct the affairs
of the Organization in accordance with directions of the Board
of Governors.
Article 28
The Conference shall appoint the Secretary General for a period
of three years, which term of office may be renewed once for
the same period of time. This appointment shall take place upon
nomination by Member Countries and after a comparative study
of the nominees’ qualifications.
The minimum personal requirements for the position of the Sec-
retary General shall be as follows:
a) 35 years of age;
b) a degree from a recognised university in Law, Economics,
Science, Engineering or Business Administration;
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