Article 23
Should a majority of two-thirds of Governors decide that the
continuance of Membership of any Governor is detrimental to the in-
terests of the Organization, the Chairman of the Board of Governors
shall immediately communicate this decision to the Member Country
affected, who in turn shall nominate a substitute for the said Governor
before the next Meeting of the Board of Governors. The nomination of
such substitute as a Governor shall be subject to confirmation by the
following Conference.
Article 24
Should a Governor, for any reason, be precluded from continu-
ing in the performance of his functions on the Board of Governors,
the corresponding Member Country shall nominate a replacement.
The nominated Governor shall assume his functions upon nomination
subject to confirmation by the following Conference.
III. The Secretariat
Article 25
The Secretariat shall carry out the executive functions of the Or-
ganization in accordance with the provisions of this Statute under the
direction of the Board of Governors.
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