The Board of Governors
Article 17
The Board of Governors shall be composed of Governors nomi-
nated by the Member Countries and confirmed by the Confer-
Each Member of the Organization should be represented at all
Meetings of the Board of Governors; however, a quorum of two-
thirds shall be necessary for the holding of a Meeting.
When, for any reason, a Governor is prevented from attending a
Meeting of the Board of Governors, a substitute ad hoc Governor
shall be nominated by the corresponding Member Country. Such
nomination shall not require confirmation by the Conference. At
the Meetings which he attends, the ad hoc Governor shall have
the same status as the other Governors, except as regards
qualifications for Chairmanship of the Board of Governors.
Each Governor shall have one vote. A simple majority vote of
attending Governors shall be required for decisions of the Board
of Governors.
The term of office of each Governor shall be two years.
Article 18
The Board of Governors shall meet no less than twice each year,
at suitable intervals to be determined by the Chairman of the
Board, after consultation with the Secretary General.
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