Each Member Country should be represented at all Conferences;
however, a quorum of three-quarters of Member Countries shall
be necessary for holding a Conference.
Each Full Member Country shall have one vote. All decisions of
the Conference, other than on procedural matters, shall require
the unanimous agreement of all Full Members.
The Conference Resolutions shall become effective after 30 days
from the conclusion of theMeeting, or after such period as the Con-
ference may decide unless, within the said period, the Secretariat
receives notification from Member Countries to the contrary.
In the case of a Full Member being absent from the Meeting of
the Conference, the Resolutions of the Conference shall become
effective unless the Secretariat receives a notification to the
contrary from the said Member, at least ten days before the date
fixed for publication of the Resolutions.
A non-Member country may be invited to attend a Conference
as Observer, if the Conference so decides.
Article 12
The Conference shall hold two Ordinary Meetings a year. How-
ever, an Extraordinary Meeting of the Conference may be convened
at the request of a Member Country by the Secretary General, after
consultation with the President and approval by a simple majority of
the Member Countries. In the absence of unanimity among Member
Countries approving the convening of such a Meeting, as to the date
and venue of the Meeting, they shall be fixed by the Secretary General
in consultation with the President.
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