Associate Members may be invited by the Conference to attend
any Meeting of a Conference, the Board of Governors or Con-
sultative Meetings and to participate in their deliberations without
the right to vote. They are, however, fully entitled to benefit from
all general facilities of the Secretariat, including its publications
and library, as any Full Member.
Whenever the words “Members” or “Member Countries” occur
in this Statute, they mean a Full Member of the Organization,
unless the context demonstrates to the contrary.
Article 8
No Member of the Organization may withdraw frommembership
without giving notice of its intention to do so to the Conference.
Such notice shall take effect at the beginning of the next calendar
year after the date of its receipt by the Conference, subject to
the Member having at that time fulfilled all financial obligations
arising out of its membership.
In the event of any country having ceased to be a Member of
the Organization, its readmission to membership shall be made
in accordance with Article 7, paragraph C.
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