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OPEC bulletin 10/17

V a c a n c y A n n o u n c e m e n t s

PR Coordinator


Applicants must be nationals of Member Countries of OPEC and should not be older than 58 years.

Applicants are requested to fill in a résumé and an application form which can be received from their

Country’s Governor for OPEC.

In order for applications to be considered, they must reach the OPEC Secretariat through the relevant Governor not later than

November 27, 2017,

quoting the job code:



— Employment).

Within the Support Services Division, the Public Relations &

Information Department is responsible for presenting OPEC

objectives, decisions and actions in their true and most desir-

ableperspective, disseminating newsof general interest regard-

ing the Organization and the Member Countries on energy and

related matters and carrying out a central information pro-

gramme and identifying suitable areas for the promotion of the

Organization’s aims and image.

Objective of position:

To assist the Head of Department in formulating strategies

for creating and maintaining a positive public image for the

Organizationand in the executionof these strategiesand related

policies and decisions; to provide timely information through

the most effective means to targeted audiences, as well as the

general public about OPEC, its aims and objectives, its activi-

ties, its decisions and their rationale, and its positions on topi-

cal issues in the industry; and to coordinate the programme of

the Public Relations team.

Main responsibilities:

Advises and assists the Head of Department in elaborating

concepts and approaches for increasing public and institu-

tional awareness about the aims and objectives of OPEC, as

well as OPEC’s positions on topical issues.

Advises on and assists the Head of Department in initiat-

ing and coordinating programmes aimed at promoting the

image of OPEC with its role of stabilizing the international

oil market.

Establishes and maintains good network of media contacts

and manages media relations through proactive communi-

cations by organizing interviews, inputs to editorial supple-

ments, leveraging of OPEC reports etc.

Advises on advert placements and, with the support of the

Editorial and the Design and Production Services teams, on

the appropriate editorial format and art work.

Monitors public perceptions about OPEC as expressed in the

press and at various formal and informal fora and prepares

appropriate responses as necessary.

Conducts briefings for visiting students and groups to the


Produces, in collaboration with the Editorial and the Design

and Production Services teams, special publications (press

kits, specialized magazines, flyers, posters etc) for strategic

audiences with the objective of disseminating positive mes-

sages about the Organization.

Produces — with external assistance as appropriate —

TV programmes for local, national and international TV


Identifies and advises on events and activities in which

OPEC’s participation could enhance the Organization’s


Coordinatesvisitsof journalistsatOPECevents, andprovides

necessary assistance (including arranging interviews, press

kits and gift items).

Required competencies and qualifications:


Universitydegree in Public Relations, MediaStudies,

Journalism, Social Sciences or Advertising; diploma/certificate

in Public Relations; advanced degree or professional qualifica-

tion in PR or journalism preferred.

Work experience:

Ten years in PR, whereof two years in super-

visory/coordinating position; eight years in case of advanced

degree or professional qualification.


Modern information practice and tech-

niques; knowledge of audio-visuals an asset; membership of a

professional public relations body.


Managerialand leadershipskills; communication

skills; analytical skills; presentation skills; interpersonal skills;

customer service orientation; initiative and integrity.


English, other major languages are an asset.

Status and benefits:

Members of the Secretariat are international employees whose

responsibilities are not national but exclusively international. In

carrying out their functions they have to demonstrate the per-

sonal qualities expected of international employees such as

integrity, independence and impartiality.

ThepostisatgradeD reporting to theHeadofPublicRelations

& Information Department. The compensation package, includ-

ing expatriate benefits, is commensurate with the level of the