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C o n f e r e n c e N o t e s


bulletin 10/17

JMMC would be essential in order to fulfill the decisions

taken last year and to restore stability.

He praised the tireless work of the JTC, which met for

the eighth time shortly before the JMMC meeting, stat-

ing it had become the “umbilical cord” connecting the

24 participating countries.

He said that participants had every reason to be

pleased with the steady progress made in the collective

efforts to overcome challenges within the current market

cycle, which has been one of the most challenging cycles

in history.

Barkindo praised the extra efforts made by over-con-

forming OPEC and non-OPECparticipants and encouraged

all participating countries to press onwards to achieve 100

per cent conformity without delay. “I urge all of us not to

be side-tracked from the critical task at hand,” he stated.

“We should focus on the now, and ensure that each step

we take moves us closer to our stated goal.”

Members of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee held their 5


Meeting at the OPEC Secretariat on September 22, 2017.