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Below: Ayman Almusallam (r), from OPEC’s PR &

Information Department, at the OPEC stand.


OPEC’s stand was well attended and visited by students,

teachers, parents, judges and staff members from the

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The visitors took the opportunity to ask questions

about the Organization’s history, showing great interest

in OPEC’s functions and wanting to know more about its

structure and various activities.

Those who came to the OPEC stand were also

impressed by the different samples of crude oil displayed,

expressing a keen interest in the petroleum industry.

The Organization’s book for students — ‘I need to

know’ — was also distributed among the visitors, who

found it very informative and useful. Participating schools

were also invited to visit the OPEC Secretariat in Vienna

for a general briefing. A certificate of

gratitude was awarded to OPEC for its

continuous generous support as an


In fact, the organizers commended

OPEC, not only on its role as a well-recognized

Organization and in supporting stability in the oil

market, but also its appreciated role in supporting the

next generation of scientists and engineers.

They further stated that the Fair was made possible

by the generous sponsors and exhibitors, like OPEC, who

contributed to the success of the event and supported

the advancement of the future generations in the areas

of science and engineering.