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Energy Demand Analyst


Applicants must be nationals of Member Countries of OPEC and should not be older than 58 years.

Applicants are requested to fill in a résumé and an application form which can be received from their

Country’s Governor for OPEC.

In order for applications to be considered, they must reach the OPEC Secretariat through the relevant

Governor not later than

March 3, 2018,

quoting the job code:



— Employment).

The Energy Studies Department monitors, analy-

ses and forecasts world energy developments in

the medium and long term and reports thereon, in

particular providing in-depth studies and reports

on energy issues. It monitors developments and

undertakes specific studies on energy demand and

production-related technology, assessing impli-

cations for OPEC. It identifies and follows up key

areas of energy-related emerging technologies and

research and development (R&D), facilitates and

supports planning and implementation of collab-

orative energy-related R&D programs of Member

Countries, as well as identifies prospects for OPEC

participation inmajor international R&Dactivities. It

carries out studies and reports on developments in

the petroleum industry, providing effective tools for

carrying out model-based studies of analyses and

projections of energy supply/demand and down-

stream simulation. It elaborates OPEC Long Term

Strategy andmonitors, analyses and reports on rel-

evant national or regional policies (fiscal, energy,

trade and environmental), assessing their impacts

on energy markets.

Objective of position:

The Energy Demand Analyst develops medium to

long-term assessments of future oil demand growth

at the sectoral level, understanding themain drivers

and key uncertainties.

Main responsibilities:

Over the medium- to long-term:

Analyses the dynamics of the transportation


Assesses oil demand in the industry sector, par-

ticularly related to the petrochemical sector.

Analyses oil use in households, as biomass is

replaced by commercial energy in developing


Assessesdemand in the agriculture and commer-

cial sectors.

Analyses trends inoil use inelectricitygeneration.

Assesses nature and scale of oil use in marine


Contributes to and/or delivers speeches, articles

and presentations to internal meetings and vari-

ous international forums.

Carries out any other tasks assigned by the rele-

vant superiors as pertain to his/her background,

qualifications and position.

Required competencies and qualifications:



nomicsor related fields; advanceddegree preferred.

Work experience:

University degree: eight years;

advanced degree: six years.

Training specializations:

Economic analysis; energy

economics; knowledge of oil market developments.


Communication skills; analytical

skills; presentation skills; interpersonal skills; cus-

tomer service orientation; initiative; integrity.



Status and benefits:

Membersof theSecretariat are international employ-

eeswhose responsibilitiesarenot national but exclu-

sively international. In carrying out their functions

they have to demonstrate the personal qualities

expected of international employees such as integ-

rity, independence and impartiality.

The post is at grade E reporting to the Head of

EnergyStudiesDepartment.The compensationpack-

age, including expatriate benefits, is commensurate

with the level of the post.


OPEC bulletin 12/17–1/18

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