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C o n f e r e n c e N o t e s

a catalyst for the success of the Declaration … and there

is reason every reason to expect me and my country to

replicate our level of commitment in 2018.”

He also further underscored the positive relationship

betweenSaudi Arabia and Russia, and on a personal level

with Novak. “I think we are both satisfied with where we

have gotten and it would not have been possible with-

out the contributions of Russia, but certainly it would

not have been possible without the personal leadership,

commitment and hard work of Alexander Novak.”

Novak noted this statement from the Conference

President, and added that the growing relationship

between the countries is not only in the energy space,

“we are looking at many other sectors and making pro-

gress there.”

Expanding further

In his opening speech to the meeting, Al-Falih said that

“we look forward to continue working with our non-OPEC

partners to build on this unparalleled global platform,

going beyond the short term to look at the broader chal-

lenges and opportunities the oil industry will face in the

years and decades to come.”

He elaborated on this further in the press confer-

ence and stated that “the more partners we bring in the

better.” He added that many agencies and organizations

have been very warm and outright supportive of what we

are trying to do. In addition, he said: “We want compa-

nies to be respectful of what we do … we want global,

national companies to see this is beneficial to all.”

Ulugbek Sayidov, led the Uzbekistan delegation.

Mahaman Laouan Gaya, Executive Secretary, APPA.


African Petroleum Producers Association


OPEC bulletin 12/17–1/18