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OPEC bulletin 8–9/17

stability to the market,” the Secretary General remarked

in his closing remarks to the President.

Meeting with the Minister

On August 1, 2017, the Secretary General met with

Gabon’s Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, Pascal

Houangni Ambouroue. He offered congratulations on

behalf of the OPEC Secretariat and its Member Countries

to Gabon and its people for having rejoined OPEC. The

Secretary General called it a wise and strategic decision,

made in the interest of the Gabonese people.

“I am confident that we can work together for the

benefit of both OPEC and Gabon,” he said.

The Minister, in turn, thanked the Secretary General

and the OPEC delegation for their visit to Gabon, and

expressed his full support for the Organization and its

Member Countries as together they seek to re-establish

stability in the global oil market.

During the meeting, the OPEC delegation and sen-

ior officials from Gabon’s Petroleum and Hydrocarbons

Ministry listened to a presentation on recent oil devel-

opments in the country delivered by Etienne Lepoukou,

Gabon’s Governor to OPEC. This was followed by a pres-

entation about the OPECSecretariat and a film about the

history of the Organization.

Lepoukou was appointed OPEC Governor on July 11

and currently also serves as an Advisor to the Minister

at the Ministry of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons.

Visit to National Oil Company

The Secretary General and the OPEC delegation,

accompanied by Minister Ambouroue, also vis-

ited the Gabon Oil Company, the country’s

National Oil Company, which was

established in 2011.

The company’s Chief

Executive Officer, Arnauld

Calixte Engandji-Alansji,

welcomed the delega-

tion and briefed them

on the company’s

history, its recent

upstream activities

and the country’s

development of its

oil industry.

At the conclusion of

the visit, the Secretary

General remarked on

the swift and impres-

sive pace of devel-

opment of Gabon’s

onshore and offshore

oil fields.

Press conference

At a joint press conference

with theSecretary General and

Gabon’s Minister of Petroleum

and Hydrocarbons, both officials

answered questions from the media

related to Gabon’s recent decision to

re-join OPEC, in addition to inquir-

ies on the current and future oil

market outlook for both Africa

and the world.

Mohammad Sanusi

Barkindo (r), OPEC

Secretary General,

meets with Pascal

Houangni Ambouroue

(l), Gabon’s Minister

of Petroleum and


A joint press conference was held by

Pascal Houangni Ambouroue (l),

Gabon’s Minister of Petroleum and

Hydrocarbons, and Mohammad

Sanusi Barkindo (second l),

OPEC Secretary General.

Mohammad Sanusi

Barkindo (r), OPEC

Secretary General, with

Arnauld Calixte Engandji-

Alansji, CEO of the Gabon

Oil Company.