A n n i v e r s a r y
ening dialogue and cooperation with the Algerian par-
liament and its members both bilaterally and in mul-
tilateral fora like the Parliamentary Assembly of the
Union for the Mediterranean,” he added.
In Vienna, the home of the OPEC Secretariat,
MohamedBenhocine, Algeria’sAmbassador toAustria,
paid tribute to his country’s achievements in an inter-
view published in the July of issue of the
the publication of the OPEC Fund for International
In the article, he spoke of Algeria’s transformation
froma Frenchcolonytoan independentand freenation,
referring to the political struggles and the social and
economic challenges and achievements.
He said that the effective rebirth of Algeria half a
century agobrought dramatic change. For well over 100
years, it had been a settlement colony, with everything
directed by the French. Algerians had no role to play.
Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, congratulated Algeria on achieving
the 50-year milestone.
OPEC bulletin 8–9/12
President Bouteflika, together with Lebanese choreographer, Abdelhalim Caracalla (c), appear at a special show in Algiers, marking 50 years of
Algeria’s Independence.
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