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OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report – November 2017

Contributors to the OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report


Dr. Ayed S. Al-Qahtani, Director, Research Division

email: aalqahtani(at



Behrooz Baikalizadeh, Head, Petroleum Studies Department

email: bbaikalizadeh(at



Crude Oil Price Movements

Eissa Alzerma

email: ealzerma(at


Commodity Markets

Hector Hurtado

email: hhurtado(at


World Economy

Afshin Javan

email: ajavan(at


Imad Al-Khayyat

email: ial-khayyat(at


Joerg Spitzy

email: jspitzy(at


World Oil Demand

Hassan Balfakeih

email: hbalfakeih(at


World Oil Supply

Mohammad Ali Danesh

email: mdanesh(at


Product Markets and Refinery Operations

Tona Ndamba

email: tndamba(at


Tanker Market


Oil Trade

Anisah Almadhayyan

email: aalmadhayyan(at


Stock Movements

Aziz Yahyai

email: ayahyai(at


Technical team

Nadir Guerer

email: nguerer(at


Aziz Yahyai

email: ayahyai(at


Douglas Linton

email: dlinton(at


Statistical services

Adedapo Odulaja, Head, Data Services Department (aodulaja(at)


Hossein Hassani, Statistical Systems Coordinator (hhassani(at



Pantelis Christodoulides (World Oil Demand), Klaus Stoeger (World Oil Supply),

Mouhamad Moudassir (World Economy),

Mohammad Sattar (Crude Oil Price Movements, Tanker Market, Oil Trade),

Ryszard Pospiech (Commodity Markets, Stock Movements),

Mihni Mihnev (Product Markets and Refinery Operations)

Editing, production, design and circulation

Viveca Hameder,

Hataichanok Leimlehner, Liane-Sophie Hamamciyan, Andrea Birnbach