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Oil Trade

OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report – October 2017


Central Asian

total exports stood at 243 tb/d with a 11 tb/d decline from the previous month.

Black Sea

total exports went down by 78 tb/d, mainly because exports through Supsa port terminal dropped

by 64 tb/d.

In the

Mediterranean Sea

, BTC supplies rose by 110 tb/d, or 16%, from the previous month to average

801 tb/d.

FSU total product exports

dropped by 287 tb/d, or 10%, from last month to average 2.6 mb/d. The decline

in product exports came mainly as a result of lower exports of gasoil, fuel oil and VGO, which all dropped in

August from the previous month by 108 tb/d, 92 tb/d and 89 tb/d, respectively.