The Secretariat
The OPEC Secretariat is responsible for
carrying out the executive functions of
the Organization, according to the OPEC
Statute and under the direction of the
Board of Governors.
The Secretary General is the Chief
Executive of the Secretariat, as well as
the legally authorised representative of
the Organization. He is assisted directly
by the Office of the Secretary General,
a Legal Office and an Internal Auditor.
OPEC’s first Secretary General was HE
Dr. Fuad Rouhani of Iran.
The Secretariat consists of a Research
Division, which monitors, forecasts and
analyzes developments in the global
energy industry. The Research Division
consists of the Departments of Data
Services, Energy Studies and Petroleum
The Secretariat is also made up of a
Support Services Division, which includes
the Departments of Administration and
Information Technology, Finance and
Human Resources, and Public Relations
and Information.
The Secretariat is a
multicultural working
environment. It has employees
drawn from more than 30
different countries. About
a quarter of them are from
Member Countries. Others are
international employees.
The official language of the
Organization is English.
Though not a formal organ of the
Organization, the OPEC Summit
brings together Heads of State of
OPEC Member Countries to discuss
issues of global importance and make
policy recommendations to guide the
The OPEC Summit has proved to
be a very effective way to make group
decisions and provide opportunities
for leaders to review the role of the
Organization in world affairs.
Information Center
The Secretariat has an Information
Centre with over 20,000 volumes —
including books, reports, maps and
conference proceedings—related to
petroleum, energy and the oil market. It
keeps journals in Arabic, English, French,
German and Spanish. The Information
Centre is open to the public and is often
used by researchers and students.
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