PEC membership is open to
any country that exports crude
oil and which shares the ideals of the
A country may become a Full Member if
its request to join OPEC is accepted by a
three-fourths majority of Full Members
(including all Founder Members).
If most of the oil a country produces is
consumed internally—to meet domestic
demand—then it may not be able to
join OPEC. Nevertheless, that country
may still be admitted as an Associate
An Associate Member may be invited
to attend any of the Organization’s
meetings. While an Associate Member
may participate in these meetings, it does
not have the right to vote.
In addition, other oil-producing
countries that are not members of
OPEC may also be invited to attend
Meetings as Observers.
Chapter 4 . About OPEC
Who can be a Member
Representatives of the five Founder Members at a Board of Governors meeting in the 1960s
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