il can also be found underground at the bottom of the sea. In this
case, special ships are used to look for these underwater oil fields.
Geoscientists use several special technical tools—such as sound waves
used in
seismic technology
—to form a clear picture of underwater
rock layers.
But the only way to be absolutely sure that there is oil in the ground is
simply to drill a well. This is a big gamble because not all wells result in
the discovery of oil. It may take the drilling of many different wells until
a new oil field is found. This costs a large amount of money because
sophisticated equipment is needed and many people need to be hired.
That is why the geoscientists then supply all their survey data to the
economists and financial planners at the oil companies, who help make
the decision whether or not to drill exploratory wells.
Surveyors record the seismic waves that are produced by
an explosion or sound generator. Since different rock types
reflect sound waves differently, the surveyor can create a
picture of the subterranean rocks.
Sound waves
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