A big adventure begins!
inding oil and getting it out of the ground is a challenging and exciting
activity. It requires great effort and travel to distant lands—and the
results can often be surprising.
So how do we find oil?
It starts with the simple decision to explore for oil based on preliminary
survey data. Once oil is discovered, the initial results are tested. If the
results are good, then the development of a production well begins.
Because of the importance of oil in our lives, it is necessary to understand
how the industry as a whole works in both its upstream and downstream
sectors. For this, it is helpful to look at the oil industry by first considering
what is called the
The upstream sector is the part of the oil industry involved with finding
oil fields and bringing oil up from the ground. Upstream activities include
exploratory work, such as the search for underground (or underwater)
oil and gas reservoirs, and the initial drilling, followed by the production
phase, which is the actual extraction of oil from the ground.
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