he way people live, work and travel all depend on oil. Oil is, in fact,
the world’s most important transportation fuel. About 90% of all
transportation fuels come from crude oil.
It is also the raw material from which other important products are made,
which have improved the quality of our lives over the past century and a half.
It has been used to keep people’s houses warm during the winter for centuries.
But oil is also used to make medicines, plastics and cleaning products. In
fact, modern life as we know it today would be impossible without oil and
its products. Many of the everyday items people use are either made from
oil or are dependent on oil for their production.
Some of these products include heating oil, jet fuel, kerosene, dentures,
diapers, fertilizers, lipstick, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, crayons,
musical devices, cameras, computers, glue, contact lenses, toothpaste,
synthetic fibres, tires, artificial hearts and even aspirin.
So now you have an idea of how important oil is in our daily life!
Artificial heart
Jet fuel
Synthetic fibres
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