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18–19 October

Member Countries’ Coordination Meeting in the Run-up to COP22/

CMP12, HQ, Vienna, Austria

24 October

5th High-level Meeting of the OPEC-Russia Energy Dialogue, HQ,

Vienna, Austria

28 October

1st MC High-level Committee Meeting, HQ, Vienna, Austria

29 Octobe


OPEC and Non-OPEC Technical Meeting, HQ, Vienna, Austria

31 October

Meeting of Governors on the Second Review of OPEC’s LTS, HQ,

Vienna, Austria

1–2 November

147th Meeting of the BOG, HQ, Vienna, Austria

8 November

Press Conference on the Publication of WOO, Abu Dhabi, UAE


7–18 November

COP22/CMP12, Marrakesh, Morocco]

21–22 November

2nd MC High-level Committee Meeting, HQ, Vienna, Austria

23–24 November

126th Meeting of the ECB, HQ, Vienna, Austria

28 November

Extraordinary Meeting of the High-level Committee of the Algiers

Accord, HQ, Vienna, Austria

30 November

171st Meeting of the Conference, HQ,Vienna, Austria

10 December

OPEC and Non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting of the Algiers Accord, HQ

Vienna, Austria

14 December

3rd IEA-IEF-OPEC Annual Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlook

Paris, France