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Annual Report 2016

layout of the


is adapted to fit state-of-the art

corporate publication trends in an international and

multicultural environment in coordination with the

Editorial Unit.

Numerous logo designs have also been pre-

pared throughout the year for in-house OPEC meet-

ings and events. Nameplates, programmes, badges,

notepads, giveaways and corporate gifts have also

been designed and produced.

Additionally, the Design and Production Unit

provided visuals for OPEC exhibition stands at the

IEF Ministerial Meeting in Moscow and at the Iran

Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals Exhibition in

May in order to disseminate the Secretariat’s key

messages. Posters and roll-ups for internal and

external use were designed to display our Member

Countries and to highlight the Organization’s key


Other activities

PRID staff undertook some missions and training

programmes throughout the year, accordingly pro-

ducing reports on these activities, which were either

published in the

OPEC Bulletin

or submitted to the

Missions Committee.

Administration & IT Services Department

The primary objective of the work of Administration

staff is to ensure the provision of all necessary ser-

vices in order to facilitate the smooth running of the

day-to-day affairs of the Secretariat, and to allow the

various specialized areas of activity to meet their


These services include, but are not limited to,

procurement and disposal; travel and transporta-

tion services; arrangements for all meetings and

entertainment functions in Vienna; implementation

of the Headquarters Agreement regarding visas, ID

cards, import declarations and license plates; up-

keep of the premises and residence; security and



• Extensive administrative and logistical ar-

rangements for the incoming, as well as the

outgoing Secretary General were taken care of

by Administration.

• Administration commenced with the plan-

ning and implementation of renovation works

at the Secretary General’s residence, includ-

ing technical/professional inspections of

the property, a complete clearing out of the

residence, taking full inventory, as well as the

start of tender calls.

• Increased demand of various services includ-

ing travel/mission arrangements and driver

services required team spirit, flexibility and

work re-organization efforts with a view to

maintaining high-quality services despite

steady staff strength.

• In addition to the organization of traditional

conferences and meetings throughout the

year, the Administration was also involved in

the organization and implementation of the

Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting in Algiers,

as well as the OPEC-Non-OPEC Ministerial

Meeting in Vienna. Furthermore, preparations

for the next OPEC International Seminar in

2018 commenced.

IT Services Section

The IT Services Section is responsible for providing

the Secretariat with secure and reliable IT services. It

constantly explores new technological developments

in order to provide OPEC with the most effective and

up-to-date IT infrastructure.

The IT Services Section is also responsible for

printing/reproduction, telecommunication and mail/

courier services at the OPEC Secretariat.

Apart from its routine activities, the Section carried

out the following projects in 2016:

• Expansion of the current storage system;

• Review and enhancement of IT security con-

trols to IT systems;