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Activities of the Secretariat



In 2016, PRID continued to maintain and update

the content of its website in a timely and accurate man-

ner with press releases, news items, speeches, state-

ments, publications and reports, data and graphs,

videos on demand, information about its Member

Countries and employment opportunities, etc.

The content of the website increased tremen-

dously over 2015. Growth was most notable within

the ‘Press Releases’ section, where 37 releases were

published in 2016 compared with 11 press releases

in 2015, and within the ‘News’ section, where 36

news items were published in 2016. In addition, a

significant amount of photographs accompanied

much of this website content and were added to the

online photo gallery. Live streaming of OPEC Meet-

ings and other events was provided through the OPEC

website and attracted 94,515 views in 2016 com-

pared with 75,100 views in 2015.

New modules and applications were also intro-

duced to enhance the usability, functionality, and the

look and feel of the website. These were incorporated in

order tomake website browsingmore user-friendly over-

all. PRID continued tomonitor the number of visits to the

OPEC website’s various pages and prepared monthly re-

ports on this data. These reports are critical to website

operations as the Department continues to ensure that

visitors find the information they require in an easy and

practical manner, and works on enhancements as need-

ed. In general, the website attracted higher numbers of

views in 2016 over 2015, with the number of views to all

website pages reaching 6,522,897 in 2016.

PRID continued to maintain and update its email

lists, which consist mainly of journalists, news agen-

cies, investment banks and analysts. The lists include

over 700 recipients and were used to forward such

things as press releases, publications, website up-

date alerts, daily and weekly basket price data, an-

nouncements and general press information. They

proved to be a timely and effective tool in informing

the public about OPEC and its activities. Positive

feedback was also received by the Department re-

garding this service.

Regular monitoring was undertaken of mes-

sages received through email and the website’s ‘Con-

tact Data and Form’ page and through various other

means such as e-mails. These e-mails generally pro-

vided positive feedback to PRID on various issues and

were attended to by the Secretariat.

Design and Production



design was adapted and a special cover

was designed to highlight the 10th edition in 2016.

Layout and readability were also further enhanced. In

addition to the printed version of the


, a special

PowerPoint presentation was designed in collabora-

tion with the Energy Studies Department. The launch

of the publication in Abu Dhabi in 2016 was flanked by

rollups, which were designed specifically for the event

and printed in Abu Dhabi. The Design and Production

Unit was responsible for designing, typesetting, pro-

ducing and overseeing the entire printing process of

various publications and additional materials.

The design, layout and finishing of the


was also further improved. In addition to the ‘full’

version, a smaller pocket version was designed that

displayed the most important tables and graphs

in a consolidated form. The interactive version is

available on a USB stick. The Design and Produc-

tion Unit was responsible for designing, typeset-

ting, producing and overseeing the printing of this



Annual Report

was put together in coopera-

tion with other Departments at the Secretariat. For

2016, the design and layout of the document was

adapted and the size of the publication streamlined.

The Design and Production Unit was responsible for

designing, typesetting, producing and overseeing the

printing of this publication.


OPEC Bulletin

continues to be designed

and typeset in-house on a monthly basis. The De-

sign and Production Unit was responsible for laying

out, typesetting and producing the document, and

continues to coordinate and oversee its printing at

an outside printing service. Throughout the year, the