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Annual Report 2016

Before and during each Conference, PR staff work

together with Administration to facilitate Conference

organization and logistics regarding visitors — includ-

ing the press and analysts from all over the world — in

terms of applications, permissions and badges.

Briefing programme

Briefings are important in establishing two-way

communication with the public, receiving oppor-

tunities to uncover how the public perceives OPEC

and how to better address such perceptions; rais-

ing awareness about the objectives and goals of

the Organization and promoting the Organization’s


Briefings start with an introduction and brain-

storming session, followed by a general presentation

about OPEC, the screening of various films produced

by the PR Unit and then conclude with a Q&A session.

A group picture is usually taken during such visits

and a guided tour through the Main Conference Room

is offered, depending on availability and time. The

briefing programme normally lasts between 1.5 to 2


In 2016, a total number of 1,684 visitors were

received, compared with 1,581 in 2015, including

joint presentations with other Departments — primar-

ily the Research Division, Human Resources and the

Legal Office.

Visitors came to the Secretariat from both the

public and private sectors, as well as from govern-

ment ministries, universities, schools and research

institutes, other organizations and Member Coun-

tries’ national oil companies. The age of visitors

ranged from 8–78, and they came from a variety of


News monitoring and What the Papers Say

What the Papers Say (WTPS)

continues to be

produced daily. It is prepared on the basis of two re-

ports received morning and afternoon from trusted

news providers. The content of the



news about energy in general, as well as petroleum,

OPEC and its Member Countries, and a selection of

the most important and informative articles from

the international media. The


is distributed to

OPEC officials (Ministers, Governors and National

Representatives) in addition to the Secretary General,

Secretariat staff and some outside members from the

industry upon request.

Distribution of publications

Distribution of printed materials plays a very im-

portant role in disseminating information about the

Organization’s activities. To this end, PRID continued

to review and update mailing lists and distribution

networks for key publications, with additional input

and more rigorous review recommended in order to

expand and strengthen these even more. Mailing lists

included the media, press analysts, news agencies,

banks, investment companies, universities, govern-

ment institutions and more. Along with the timely dis-

patch of publications, email alerts are sent out.

Distribution of publications is undertaken in co-

ordination with related departments. PRID facilitates

distribution of the


and the


, in addition to


OPEC Bulletin

and the

Annual Report (AR)

, accord-

ing to an updated mailing list supplied by the PR Unit.

Workshops, seminars and exhibitions

A very important task performed by the PR Unit

is representation of the Organization at different

events, both inside and outside of Austria. OPEC pub-

lications are displayed at such events, where oppor-

tunities routinely present themselves for OPEC staff

to explain the role and work of the Organization in

the oil industry and to provide information about its

Member Countries.

These events are attended by high-level del-

egations and industry leaders. To these ends, the

Secretariat regularly arranges for a booth to be lo-

cated at such events, which is then staffed by PRID

staff. These events also provide an opportunity for

direct, face-to-face interaction with both the public

and high-level officials, and allow individuals to

have a closer look at specific activities undertaken

by OPEC.