OPEC’s 20th Annual Statistical Meeting begins

Vienna, Austria, 17 May 2021--The 20th Annual Statistical Meeting (ASM) of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has started via videoconference.

Attended by representatives from Member Countries, the two-day meeting facilitates the exchange of data and information between OPEC and its Member Countries, supporting the Organization’s ongoing efforts in collecting, analysing and disseminating reliable, precise, complete and timely data to enhance transparency and provide a better insight into the industry.

In addition to supporting decision-making, the data collected during the meeting is used to enrich OPEC’s flagship publications, including the Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB).

First published in 1965, the ASB offers a wide range of data on the oil and gas industry worldwide, as well as key economic indicators, serving as a leading source of reliable and accurate information for policymakers, industry professionals, research analysts and academics. It features data on production, demand, imports and exports, exploration and transportation activities among others.

The 56th edition of the Annual Statistical Bulletin is scheduled to be launched virtually on 30 June 2021.

Dr. Hossein Hassani, Statistical Systems Coordinator

Dr. Hossein Hassani, Statistical Systems Coordinator