EU-OPEC Roundtable on CCS

EU-OPEC Roundtable on Carbon Dioxide Capture & Storage.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 21 Sept. 2006


Opening Session:
Chair: Dr. Majid A. Al-Moneef, Governor for OPEC, Saudi Arabia

Session One: Overview of Technologies
Chair: Mr. Mohamed Hamel, Head, Energy Studies Dept., OPEC Secretariat

European proposals for integrated Power Generation with CO2 Capture & Storage:

Session Two: Prospects of CCS in OPEC Member Countries & the EU
Chair: Dr. Mohammad Al-Sabban, Chairman of the Conference, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia

Further R&D paths for securing commercial breakthroughs of CCS:

Session Three: Non-technical factors essential for CCS breakthrough
Chair: Mr. Derek Taylor, Energy Advisor, Directorate General for Transport & Energy, European Commission