3rd OPEC International Seminar 2006

Third OPEC International Seminar - "OPEC in a New Energy Era: Challenges and Opportunities" - Vienna - Austria, 12-13 September 2006

Welcome address by HE Dr. Edmund M. Daukoru, President of the OPEC Conference, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Nigeria, OPEC Secretary General

The seminar was divided into six sessions.  Click on the links below or to the right to read more information from each of the sessions.

  • Session One highlights the main developments in the energy sector, looks at the short-and long-term prospects for the world economy and oil market, and evaluates the challenges facing producers and consumers.
  • Session Two examines investment issues across foreseeable time-horizons, highlighting uncertainties especially for the upstream, & includes national/international oil company cooperation.
  • Session Three assesses the role of the downstream in overall market stability, seeks to ascertain the prospects for an easing of current bottlenecks, as well as covers the impact of regulatory measures.
  • Session Four reviews oil & gas upstream technologies, particularly with regard to demand - most especially in the transportation sector - & the protection of the environment.
  • Session Five discusses the important role energy & petroleum play in sustainable development, especially with regard to the Millennium Development Goals, & highlights the role of development funds. The Seminar takes place in the 30th anniversary year of the OPEC Fund for International Development, whose financial commitments to date total US $8.1 billion.
  • Session Six takes the form of a high-level panel discussion & seeks to define how OPEC can best position itself to handle the unfolding challenges & opportunities of the coming years.