The Internship Programme is intended to offer participants on-the-job practical training and to promote their understanding of the Organization’s goals and objectives. Participants in the Internship Programme (‘Interns’) will primarily support and assist Secretariat staff within the framework of a specific subject and within a limited period of time.

Professional benefits to interns

Participants have the chance to benefit from the Internship Programme in the following ways:

  • Learning through involvement in a specific task/research programme/study of the Secretariat
  • Gaining experience of the Secretariat’s work with the objective of deepening their knowledge
  • Enhancing professional experience through practical work assignments
  • Enhancing and broadening their career outlooks, as a result of the experience and insights gained at OPEC


  • The Internship Programme is open to applicants of all nationalities; however, preference will be given to nationals from OPEC Member Countries.
  • Applicants are expected to be recent university graduates or enrolled in the final year of a university first degree programme.
  • Participants are expected to be able to undertake the programme in English, which is the working language of the Secretariat.

Expected outcome and deliverables

  • Participants in the Internship Programme will be directly involved in specific research/tasks undertaken by the Secretariat.
  • Every intern is required to deliver a report on tasks accomplished to his/her respective supervisor.

Duration and working Hours

The duration of an internship is a minimum of one month, up to a maximum of six months, depending on the need of the relevant department, unit or office. During their stay in the Secretariat, Interns are expected to observe the official working hours of the Secretariat. Participation in the OPEC Internship Programme is a one-time-only opportunity; it is not possible to have a second spell as an intern.

Allowances, accommodation, travel and insurance

Interns will be entitled to receive a daily subsistence allowance whose size will depend on the level of their academic degree. The allowance is calculated on the following hourly scale:

  • 4 euros per hours for students enrolled in the final year of a first degree programme
  • 5 euros per hours for BA/BSc holders
  • 7 euros per hours for MA/MSc holders
  • 8 euros per hours for PhD students/holders.

For Interns who have to relocate to Vienna to conduct their programme, the Secretariat will arrange and pay for Intern accommodation, accepting the most reasonable housing available. Interns who choose to make their own arrangements will be refunded the net amount usually paid by the Secretariat with a ceiling of €50 per day, upon presenting a lease agreement/booking confirmation and proof of payment. No other payments, benefits and/or allowances of any kind will be paid by the Secretariat to the Interns.

Interns will be enrolled in the accident insurance scheme of the Organization for the duration of their internship only. In addition, all Interns must arrange for personal and adequate health/sickness insurance coverage for the same period. The Secretariat will not be responsible for any health/sickness claims made during the period of the internship.


Applicants should please complete the form called “Application Form for Internship” which may be downloaded from our homepage ( and send it to [email protected]

Online applicants should quote the related reference number in the “Subject” field of the email (i.e.  IP-LO-1; see the example below). 

An automatic reply will be sent to confirm the successful submission of the documents.

Acknowledgements will only be sent to short-listed candidates.

Application form

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