Terms and Conditions

Objectives of the website

1. The OPEC Secretariat (hereinafter “OPEC”) aims to contribute to public knowledge by disseminating information about its activities. The use of the data, analysis and any other information (hereinafter the “Material”) contained on this website constitutes an agreement between OPEC and the reader (hereinafter the “User”) under the Terms and Conditions herein stipulated.


2. The Material published on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your business, finance, investment consultant or other professional. Whilst reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the Material published on this website, OPEC makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy, currency or comprehensiveness and assumes no liability or responsibility for any error or omission and/or for any loss arising in connection with or attributable to any action or decision taken as a result of using or relying on the Material of this website.

Use of the material

3. The Material shall be used for lawful purposes only. In particular, it may not be used to transmit defamatory, offensive or abusive material or material of an obscene or menacing character.

4. Provided these Terms and Conditions are fully respected, a User who maintains a website can include hyperlinks to OPEC’s website or to any of its pages on that site, without having to ask permission. However, permission to include a hyperlink does not include permission to use OPEC’s logo or its intellectual property without its prior written authorization.

5. A link to OPEC’s website may not be used for the promotion of an organization, company or individual or of any commercial products or services.

6. Please note that without specific written authorization from OPEC:-

i. The source Material must not be altered or amended in any way, and any other restrictions associated with specific items of material (for example, third-party copyright) must be respected;

ii. Other than as authorized above, Users may not reproduce, distribute, display, sell, barter, publish, broadcast or otherwise circulate any of the Material to any third party, including other members of their organization;

iii. Any copyright notices contained in the Material must not be altered, deleted or concealed. The Material must not be stored in a shared electronic archive or database; and

iv. The User may not copy, republish, lend, post on servers, transmit or redistribute to any mailing lists this information for commercial purposes or for compensation of any kind. Commercial purpose means work generated for, or resulting in the receipt of income, pro bono or research work done with the hope of earning money in the future as a result of the work, and work which will be later used for commercial projects even if not so used now.

7. The User agrees to indemnify fully and to hold OPEC indemnified from and against any claim brought by a third party resulting from the use of the website and in respect of the losses, costs, actions, claims, expenses or liabilities whatsoever suffered or incurred directly by OPEC in consequence of the breach or non-observance by the User of these Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual property

8. The Material contained in this website is subject to copyright by OPEC. Unauthorized copying, including any alteration, translation or disassembly work, is not permitted unless prior written consent has been granted from OPEC. Users will be held responsible to OPEC for damages in case of non-observance of this clause through their accessing the information. Officials of OPEC’s Member Countries may access the information for official purposes without limitation as to reproduction, distribution or storage within their governments.

9. Users may include the Material in internal reports, and for educational and research purposes, and/or reports to clients, on an occasional and infrequent basis, provided that all such material is clearly attributed to OPEC, and bears a notation that it is copyrighted by OPEC.

10. Some of the Material in OPEC’s website may contain references to material from third parties whose copyright must be acknowledged by the User of the website, by obtaining the necessary authorization from the copyright owner.

11. User acknowledges that OPEC accepts no liability for any services or other material provided to you through the website where such services and/or material is provided by third parties who provide content to the service or whose services and/or materials are hypertext linked from and to the website.

Variation of terms

12. OPEC reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice, and the User hereby agrees that the new Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over the previous terms.