The OPEC Secretariat produces numerous publications to inform the public about the Organization's activities, and to disseminate data and information about OPEC Member Countries and the oil industry in general.

The Monthly Oil Market Report analyzes the most important issues facing the world oil market. Along with supply and demand analysis, it provides an assessment of oil price movements and commodity markets, product markets and refinery operations, stock movements and tanker market activity.

The OPEC Bulletin is the Organization's monthly flagship publication. It contains feature articles about the Secretariat's activities and events, as well as about Member Country news.

The World Oil Outlook, WOO, offers OPEC's medium- to long-term outlook for the global oil market. Using different scenarios and analytical models, it brings together the many factors and issues that may affect the oil industry and OPEC Member Countries in the coming years.

The Annual Statistical Bulletin, ASB, collects statistical data from all Member Countries and provides detailed charts, graphs and tables showing quantitative information about oil and gas reserves around the world, and in OPEC Member Countries, as well as information regarding refining and consumption, exports and imports, pipelines and tankers, and product output.

Other publications include the Annual Report, the quarterly OPEC Energy Review handled by Willey Blackwell and contains academic essays on energy economics and oil-related issues, and the Long-Term Strategy, which is prepared every five years. Other specialized publications include Frequently Asked Questions and the pamphlet, Who Gets What from Oil?

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