OPEC bulletin 2–3/14
In a worldwide ranking that projects the 20 tallest
buildings in the year 2020,at least three will be located
in OPEC Member Countries.
Scott Laury
of the OPEC Bulletin takes
you on a tour of these and other towering structures, which are redefining the
parameters of the possible. Welcome to the era of the mega tall skyscraper.
tourists could be seen in midtown Manhattan looking up
in awe at these giants piercing the sky above.
Millions upon millions per year would queue up,
sometimes for hours at a time, just to take an express
elevator to the top of the Empire State Building or the
Chrysler Building for a view of a lifetime over the roof-
tops of the “city that never sleeps.”
— shaping a new skyline in the Middle East
It was not that long ago that people would travel far
and wide to visit New York City and its spectacular
urban landscape, with the main attraction being its
shiny, silvery, colossal towers that came to be called
Often filmed as dramatic backdrops to Hollywood
films and television shows broadcast across the world,
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