OPEC bulletin 2–3/14
A r t s & L i f e
He pointedout that the tournament had really offered
an excellent platform to Libya’s up-and-coming young
players. “Most young players really got a massive foun-
dation from this tournament.”
Clemente continued: “I hope winning this trophy
has been massive for Libya and its people. I want to
give credit for winning this trophy to the hard work of
the players. They have gained a lot of experience from
this tournament.”
A crowd of just under 17,000 watched the tense,
but exciting final, played in front of FIFA President, Sepp
Blatter, who later handed out the winning medals, and
ConfederationofAfrican FootballPresident, IssaHayatou.
As for the game, with both teams entering the fray
unbeaten, it was understandably a tight match, with the
two sides squandering good chances to seal a win in
regulation play.
There was also an element of tiredness about the
players, who were tested to the full, having competed
in six matches in 20 days throughout the tournament,
including playing extra time in each of the semi-finals
(Libya also in its quarterfinal), as well as the final.
The first half of the final was an evenly contested
affair, with little to separate the two sides, and also not
much in the way of goalmouth action.
Ghana were very strong in midfield and their players
Ghana’s midfielder
Jordan Opoku (l)
vies with Libya’s
forward Mohamed
Elgadi (r) during
the African Nations
Championship final.
Libya’s goalkeeper
Nashnush saving
what would have
been a certain goal
during the tense
final with Ghana.
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