Nominations for OPEC Awards open

Vienna, 30 April 2014--OPEC has called for nominations to be made for its two industry Awards - the one for Research and the other for Journalism.

The two Awards honour distinguished individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the petroleum industry and oil-related issues, particularly in enhancing cooperation between oil producers and consumers.

The OPEC Award for Research is given to researchers who have shown dedication to research and analysis of important oil related issues, contributed to improving the understanding of the key determinants that support oil market stability, and have exhibited a consistently critical, yet impartial, view on oil-related issues in public debates and discourse.

The successful candidate will also have demonstrated a high level of objectivity, integrity and innovative thinking throughout his/her career and furthered knowledge in the oil industry by encouraging and promoting young researchers within OPEC Member Countries and the developing world.

The OPEC Award for Journalism, which is open to both print and broadcast journalists, is given to an experienced journalist or media organization that has delivered objective and balanced reporting/analysis of the oil market and related issues for more than 10 years.

Both Awards will be presented by the President of the OPEC Conference on the occasion of the 6th OPEC International Seminar, scheduled to take place at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, on June 3-4, 2015.

OPEC established the two Awards to acknowledge and celebrate the past efforts of researchers and journalists working in the oil industry, and to encourage future research endeavours and objective reporting.

The deadline for nominations for both the OPEC Award for Research and the OPEC Award for Journalism is August 25, 2014.

Additional information about both the OPEC Award and the Award for Journalism, as well as application forms and the procedure for submitting nominations, is available under the following links:

Call for OPEC Award for Research 2015 and Form  Call for OPEC Award for Journalism 2015 and Form

Call for OPEC Award for Research 2015 and Form

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Call for OPEC Award for Journalism 2015 and Form

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