Ecuador facts and figures

Ecuador's National Day:
Ecuador's National Day:

10 August

Ecuador comprises an area of around 284 thousand square kilometres and has a population approaching 16 million. The country straddles the equator, from which it derives its name. Located in Latin America, it is bordered in the north by Colombia, in the east and south by Peru and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. Its capital city is Quito and Spanish is the official language.

Apart from oil, Ecuador also exports bananas, shrimp, coffee, cocoa, cut flowers and fish. The country is a haven for many exotic animals and birds like the blue footed booby, and the orange iguana, both of which can be found in the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador’s President is HE Economista Rafael Correa Delgado. The country joined OPEC in 1973. Nineteen years later, in 1992, it voluntarily suspended its membership. It resumed membership of the Organization in 2007.

Did you know?

  • Ecuador’s capital city Quito was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1970s for having the best preserved and least altered historic centre in Latin America.
  • Located in the Santa Elena Peninsula, Ancon 1 is Ecuador’s first productive oil well. It began producing oil in 1921.

Population (million inhabitants) 15.77
Land area (1,000 sq km) 284
Population density (inhabitants per sq km) 56
GDP per capita ($) 5,932
GDP at market prices (million $) 93,577
Value of exports (million $) 25,700
Value of petroleum exports (million $) 14,103
Current account balance (million $) - 1,021
Proven crude oil reserves (million barrels) 8,832
Proven natural gas reserves (billion cu. m.) 6.00
Crude oil production (1,000 b/d) 526
Marketed production of natural gas (million cu. m.) 515
Refinery capacity (1,000 b/cd) 191
Output of refined petroleum products (1,000 b/d) 210.0
Oil demand (1,000 b/d) 270
Crude oil exports (1,000 b/d) 388
Exports of petroleum products (1,000 b/d) 20.0
Natural gas exports (million cu.m.) --

  • b/d (barrels per day)
  • cu. m. (cubic metres)
  • b/cd (barrels per calendar day)

Source: Annual Statistical Bulletin 2014

  • HE Eng. Pedro Merizalde-Pavón

    HE Eng. Pedro Merizalde-Pavón

    Minister of Hydrocarbons
    Head of Delegation

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  • HE Wilson Pástor Morris

    HE Wilson Pástor Morris

    Governor for OPEC


  • Dr. Andrés Miño Ron

    Dr. Andrés Miño Ron

    National Representative